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TTLOCK Padlock Tuya APP IC Card RFID

TTLOCK Padlock Tuya APP IC Card RFID

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Ways To Unlock: APP,bluetooth,Mechanical Keys,Card,Password

Type: Bluetooth

Tuya Padlock: Waterproof Padlock

TTLock Padlock: TTLock Smart Padlock

Suitable for Mortise: Other

Suitable Door Type: Other

Special Features: Support Gateway

Smart home platform: Other,Tuya

Protection Level: IP66

Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Password Padlock: APP Padlock

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: HS-T55C

Material: Stainless Steel

Key Padlock: Smart Padlock

Included Components: Lock, Key, IC Card

IC Card Padlock: NFC Padlock

Handle Direction: Direction Reversible

Finish Type: Other

Doorknob Funcition: Biometric,Key & Keypad

Connectivity: bluetooth

Brand Name: EGFirtor

Bluetooth Padlock: Electronic Padlock

Battery Type: 3V CR2

APP: Tuya or TTlock

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